Exhibition Management

Korean Food PR Zone

Exhibition zone showing our special food culture and making you experience the global Korean food, Possibilities and Experiences that Korean food take steps to meet the global taste

Well-being Fermentation Zone

Exhibition zone providing information about the positive effect of well-being Fermentation Food and expanding the network of the Korea fermentation food industry

Traditional beverage Zone

Exhibition zone introducing the representative beverage of Korea

Food companies Zone

Exhibition zone learning know-how from the most popular food companies in Korea as well as arranging marketing space for food companies participated in the BIFF.

Temple Food Zone

Exhibition zone showing various healthy foods without meat in Korean temple life

World Food Zone

Exhibition zone we can experience world-representative food from each countries Korea, Japanese, Chinese and Western Food distinguished and experienced by you

Local Specialties & Health Food Zone

Exhibition zone has special and characteristic foods appointed by Busan and introduce health foods

Food equipment Zone

Exhibition zone showing the newest food equipment of the world